dessert pizza

you cannot deny this pie. why even try?

it’s funny, i can’t recall the inspiration behind this creation. what I do know is that it is MONEY! doesn’t matter what the dinner is, this wraps up your meal with a big bacon bow!

premade whole wheat pizza dough
dalmatia fig spread
fresh blueberries
thick cut bacon – applewood smoked – cooked + diced
marscapone cheese

  1. form dough at room temperature into a pizza-like shape
  2. precook dough on grill @ 425 degrees until no longer pliable – NOTE: we are a traeger family
  3. spread jam onto grilled side
  4. add toppings [blueberries + bacon]
  5. add small dollops of marscapone

return to grill until marscapone is melted and crust is golden brown.

now for the hard part. let the pie cool a bit to allow the toppings to resolidify. slice + enjoy!



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