making a wedding

after he popped the question, my brain went into overdrive. planning a wedding became an obsession. i read books. i searched the internet high and low – and that is when a friend suggested i look on pinterest.

game changer.

as i pinned – the concept came together. a wedding made by us, at our home.


first, the color. not just any pink. a pink with a story. may i introduce you to raspberry promise.

the story goes, our friend was working as a store designer in chicago several years back. he was setting up a new display at his store when a customer approached him. ‘i absolutely love that wall color! can you please tell me it’s name?’ our friend was caught off guard. not only did he not know the name of the color, but he really wasn’t expecting a chatty onlooker. ‘oooh it’s called raspberry promise!’ the customer gushed about it’s beauty and moved on about the store. our friend had a good chuckle that day as he did years later when he shared that story with us. that chuckle became an ongoing chuckle with our friends and ultimately, there was no other color we could have for our wedding.


a few photos really resonated with me during my inspirational research:

the simplicity of this chapel
these rustic invitations
mason jar flower vases
anything but cake
flowers in my hair
rustic, yet elegant seating


so then the work began…


going to the chapel
we had a beautiful old metal gazebo with plenty of rustic patina. to give the chapel a stable base on our sloping property, it took a few hundred pounds of stone + sand. a couple rain-free portland weekends later, and voila!


table + bench
deciding how to entertain our friends on our special day revealed a gap in our outdoor furniture options. since we needed a larger outdoor table anyways, we decided to build one ourselves.

as you will see in future posts, i am a huge proponent of the rebuilding center here in portland. for me, not only does the rebuilding center align to a core value of mine [upcycling] it also serves as my muse. i can’t go there and not be inspired to make something.

so about the table – the top is comprised of alternating widths of recycled lumber, for visual interest. the base is a bit of a cheat – aluminum ikea table legs. the top was rather heavy so the last thing we wanted was to add heavy legs. the aluminum legs added the necessary strength without adding weight. They’ve weathered quite well, too.


china + flatware
to add to our rustic theme, i bought random, mis-matched china + flatware at various resale shops. we served barbeque on these beauties.

i designed our invitations and our friend had them printed for us.

the big day


going to the chapel…
the ceremony area complete. the chapel decorations were designed by none other than mr. raspberry promise himself! the tree stumps were compliments of my then future in-laws. squares of muslin held in place by twine complete the seating.


table + bench + china
decorated and ready for showtime!


dessert bar
like other things from the wedding, my girlfriend made our desserts. since she does this for a living, i knew we were in good hands.


bags or cornhole?
the debate over what to call this game continues in many circles on the internet. not to belabor the discussion, but since our bags were filled with lentils, we call our game lentils. naturally.


love + laughter
could you ask for anything more?


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