got shelter?

because if your wood isn’t dry, your fire will be smokier than a BBQ.

after the wedding, we had quite a few tree stumps left over. they would make perfect firewood, but they just needed to season a little while longer. we didn’t have a shed and really didn’t want to use tarps to keep the wood dry [our neighbor does that and it’s so pitiful to look at] so we started searching for ideas.


simple but small
serious potential
if we lived in alaska and needed wood all winter


working any real without plans, we scouted the rebuilding center for lumber. once we decided on a location, we started positioning the foundation – leveling earth on a sloped hill is never easy nor it is fun, frankly. but we muddled through and secured a mostly flat foundation.

next, we framed the floor. since we wanted to encourage airflow, we purposefully left gaps. same with the walls + back. building the roof was rather straightforward, but we did learn a valuable lesson. make sure your beams align to the dips in your roofing material! super obvious now, but if you try to screw through galvanized metal roofing when it’s not touching your roof beams, unsightly dimples will result. fortunately, it was easy for us to reposition our beams to better align to the roofing.

after building the wedding tables, I really liked the aesthetic of using various sized + colored wood. you’ll see more of this in future blog posts – stay tuned.




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