if the partridge family built a shed…

i was tired of sweeping the garage.

we removed the grass from our front lawn and with it went the lawn mower. one dirt offender gone. remaining were shovels, a wheel barrow, and various rakes and other garden tools. it became apparent that a tool shed was in order.

since we had recently finished the wood shed, this just seemed the natural next project. so off to the rebuilding center we went to load up on supplies. the door was something i had kept in my garage for years. my sister had given it to me after removing it from their old home. i figured i’d make something with it and some point in the future, which brings us here.

in order to get the aesthetic i was after, it took a few separate trips and several hours to find the perfect siding options. all pieces were purchased as seen below. various widths. various colors. various textures. as with the shed, we opted for galvanized metal roofing.

reminds me of the partridge family bus in that rustic, diy way. oh and I still have to sweep the garage. but now for completely different reasons.



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