i’m bringing pickled back.



during dinner out one night here in lovely portland oregon, we found pickled eggs on the menu at one of our favorite provisioners – olympic provisions.

technically, we aren’t allowed to call them that anymore – the olympic committee filed an injunction. i just can’t bring myself to call them by their new name.

i did not grow up knowing pickled eggs were a thing. i feel like i missed out somehow, but the joy of having discovered them now almost makes up for it. their pickled eggs were so good, we ordered three servings. i knew i had to try + make some. after researching recipes, i opted to try two versions.

pickle one
the first batch i took the easy route. i used leftover canned beet juice. beautiful to look at, but not much more tasty than canned beets.

pickle two
this one, i went the curried route. a beautiful yellow curry infused solution. mixed in some pickling spice for fun and let the magic happen. personally I liked this one more, but for whatever reason, folks gobbled up the others first. probably because they were so pink.


can’t wait to try these come easter!



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