steak + taleggio pizza

smoked beef + taleggio = italian mash-up delicioso!

we LOVE making pizza on our traeger. we’ve done this since we were dating – back before we owned the traeger, even. his first meal he made me was homemade pizza – awww!


this one was rather straightforward – the hubs had smoked some steaks that were aWEsoMe, but made more than we could enjoy for a single meal. we were craving pizza the next night + my foodie senses were unleashed at the store that day.

taleggio [if you don’t know] is an italian cheese that is gooey with meaty + mushroom notes. steak goes well with mushrooms, right? [yes] to take it to the next level, what does every great steak need? a hit of salinity aka salt. enter green olives. perfecto!

sprinkle about some pizza staples – tomato sauce, roasted red peppers, roasted garlic – the final ingredient? rosemary pizza dough.

8 minutes on the traeger and we were eating gourmet pizza delicioso.

molto bene!



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