forever in blue jeans – the quilt

neil diamond sang that song for me.

i’ve always worn jeans. i would have worn a denim wedding dress if i could have found one i loved. denim is become such a part of my life…i decided look for other avenues to bring it all around me.


squares quilt
union jack quilt [completely adore this one!]
random patches quilt

i should preface – i haven’t made a quilt for decades. last one i completed adorns below a christmas tree [skirt] when i actually take the time to bring one home. that, too, has been decades.

in all of my research, never did i learn how many pairs of jeans it would take to actually accomplish the quilt. so i bought quite a few pairs in various shades. fortunately, there is a place in portland where you can purchase them by the pound…$.99 a pound cheap!


then came the cutting. and cutting. and cutting.


as you may have seen with my dog bed project, i started cutting squares but wasn’t keen on the formality of how they were coming together. it looked rather ‘quilty’ so i shifted and started cutting random widths + heights. i sewed a couple of rows together and overlayed them to get the vibe of what i was onto.


feeling like i was onto something, i kept going and going and going, until finally, we have quilt!


yes, the pockets all still function [can’t wait to find treasures hidden in there someday by my friends + family!] the binding is also made from those jeans. i used thin, natural cotton batting and for the backing material, an old, favorite buttery-soft ralph lauren sheet. it is truly snugglicious!

oh, and for the record, there are roughly 9 different jeans represented here. not all were used completely. look for a new post on what i did with those soon!


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