getting my UK on

union jack + denim = hip messenger bag

given my current fascination with denim – because let’s be real, i bought just a tisch more than i needed for my quilt project, i’m exploring new ways to create with this fabric. having found several ideas on pinterest, i decided that i would try to make a messenger bag.


rmklife went mad with this amazing quilt project [serious dedication here!]
i adore the denim color variations + styling of this chobe bag
the fraying of the edges on this bag created super interesting texture

having never crafted a messenger bag before, i scoured the interwebs for direction. punkin patterns came through – thank you vanessa! her tutorial made the process super simple. i encourage you to check out her blog.

the shape of a messenger bag lends itself to adornment on the front flap so i opted to feature a union jack here.


given the range of colors needed to ensure the cross ‘popped’ properly from the background, i used three different colors. i used fusible interfacing to keep things tidy, then stitched approx. 1/2″ – 1/4″ inch from all edges to allow for natural fraying – because who doesn’t love frayed denim?


next, i wanted to introduce a surprise element on the inside so i chose to use a fabric here that i leftovers from another project. not very british, i’ll admit, but fun all the same.


then i made sure to include an internal pocket, because you always need a pocket in your messenger bag. the pocket easily holds an iphone, lipstick, etc. you know, the important things.


after finishing, i ran it through the washing machine to encourage fraying. 10 minutes of clean up on the loose strands, and here we are. i’ve received quite a few compliments and even a few offers to purchase one.

hmm. maybe i’m onto something here…


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