bacon jam eggs benedict

with a side of homemade bacon

my high school friend skeeter started this all. i’ve always loved bacon jam, but had kind of conveniently forgotten about it’s porkylicious goodness. when he kicked off a kickstarter campaign to get backing for making his version of the delicious stuff, bacon jam was once again top of mind for me.


skeeter’s kickstarter campaign
little b cooks recipe
our homemade traeger bacon

once you’ve had homemade bacon, there really is nothing better. don’t get be wrong, there is no bad bacon. and for the record, bacon not made from pork is not bacon. felt that needed to be cleared up right away.

as little b riffed her recipe from martha stewart’s, i riffed mine here as well. in lieu of the 1-1/2 c. coffee, i instead used two shots of italian espresso. i also used more tabasco.


simmering it all in the crock-pot was genius. it also made the house smell so delicious!


after sitting in the fridge overnight, i slathered some onto toasted cheddar jalepeno bread and served with runny eggs on top. riding shotgun is the homemade bacon that we cooked up proper in the traeger.


christmas morning never tasted so good.


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