the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

not to mention with a little team pride, too

i’ve been a bit busy getting gifts ready for christmas, so i haven’t posted in quite a while. now that i’ve gifted these little gems, they are ready to be shared here! if you’ve been reading along, i still have quite a few jeans left over from my quilt project. this won’t be the last denim you will see from me.


nebraska views is where i got the inspiration. she makes several different versions of these – all of which are blogged about here.

as luck would have it, i happened to have had amongst my old sewing things a pre-cut stocking for a project that never was completed. that served as my pattern and I simply ‘winged’ the printed fabric bits. toughest part was sourcing the fabric – thank goodness for online resellers.

the results were a hit, as seen below. an instant heirloom. well, if you are a fan, that is.




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