tame the heat of the holidays

give the gift of a quilted potholder

when i started sewing again this year, i had no idea what scrap busting meant. now that i have been properly introduced to the term, it was time to figure out what to do with leftover fabric that i had been ‘saving’ since the 80’s. yes, that is not a typo! naturally, pinterest had some thoughts on the subject…


these are adorably scrumptous looking mini pie potholders
these potholders reminded me of christmas tree ornaments i made once upon a time
alas, i really didn’t need to look farther than elizabeth wyatt’s tutorial

the sewing went quick. hardest part for me was finding the Insul-Bright lining. guess lots of folks in portland were making potholders for christmas.


once this one was complete, i decided to take it in a different direction and attempt a different quilt-as-you-go version. cori @ hey let’s make stuff gives a great tutorial here.

the result is a mash up of the two ideas.


naturally, both potholders are backed and edged in denim.



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