patched denim jeans

aka, channeling my inner Junya Watanabe

for as long as i’ve worn jeans, i have loved denim and all of its many iterations. as you may have gathered, denim is my medium of choice at the moment. and will most likely be for the foreseeable future. this pair had a few tiny holes in them, so i decided to explore patching them.


i found the flowers in this dress by Anna Sui to be amazing ‘patches’
it wasn’t until i saw this post that i learned about Junya Watanabe’s work
seems Gwen Stefani is a fan, too

deciding on the piecing took FOREVER – i’m not usually so picky, so maybe there were other forces at play here. after all, it did decide to snow while i was making this so i may have gotten distracted. just a little bit.


the existing tiny holes were easily covered with the addition of the ‘fifth pocket’ on the back. i made sure to keep the new pocket fully, functional, too. i then added some of the fabrics to complete the back and moved to work on the front.


i used different stitches as well as different threads to give each ‘fabric’ it’s own identity. can’t wait to wear these – just as soon as the snow melts, that is.



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